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Some iconic dream imagery

I know I am 27 million views late to the party, but this Coldplay video has imagery that reminds me of dreams that I have had since childhood.

In my dream, the sky is a reflection of the Earth. You look up and see the Earth as seen from space. I can neither explain its meaning nor convey the awe it engenders in me. For what it’s worth, the dream feels Jungian to me, not symbolic.

In any case, this music video is pretty great.

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2 Responses to “Some iconic dream imagery”

  1. What a grace to have dreams like that!

    I sometimes had similar, though less cosmic, dreams as a kid: day residue left in my unconscious by my obsession with signals from far away, reflected back to Earth by layers in the sky that can only be seen by radios.

  2. Well, my dream is less imaginative than Cold Play’s, plus it leaves me pretty shaken when I have it.

    But signals being reflected by invisible layers of the sky is pretty profound, Doc.

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