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What is it anyway?

I found this on Reddit. Can you tell what it is?

Click on the black stripe to find out: The gear that drives a lawn sprinkler

2 Responses to “What is it anyway?”

  1. OK, Weinberger, enough is enough. You have had your fun, but it is time to stop the Crusty the Clown act. Put the clown suit back in the closet and quit scaring the bejesus out of people.

  2. The center wheel represents Trumps forward progress turning the driven wheel counterclockwise. The outer gear then turns the driven gear much more in the reverse direction. This backwards movement, of course, is “driven” by the media.

    It certainly is clever and I can’t figure it out, so I am going to look.

    Aha! I actually considered a windshield wiper but I couldn’t get it to work right.

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