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[Speculative Spoiler] WestWorld

Here’s a spoiler based on nothing. Please note that I’m never right.

The Man in Black (Ed Harris) wil be revealed to be a robot. He was created by the the dead co-founder for some reason, like to be the chaos principle that will drive the genetic algorithms, or some other such sciencey sounding thing. (This would invert the Jurassic Park idea in the assumption that we can control nature is disproven. In WestWorld, according to my made-up spoiler, the park would have built in a principle of chaos.)

So, that’s settled.

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One Response to “[Speculative Spoiler] WestWorld”

  1. Spoiler for this week’s epsiode!!
    Do not read this if a minor spoiler is upsetting.

    Some visitors thank The Ed Harris character for work his foundation has done for them, suggesting he is a live visitor, like them. Also he can’t be killed, as noted in the first show and he says it in this one.

    That being said, there certainly is something afoot with his character. I may be losing my grip on the story line(s), if I ever had one.

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