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Thomas Edison’s endorsement of MIT

Someone alert MIT’s recruitment office: Thomas Alva Edison was a fan.

Here’s a 1916 letter from a father asking Edison’s advice about where to send his son who is “not a very studious boy” but is “mechanically inclined”:

Letter to Edison with his recommendation of MIT

Edison’s handwritten response says, as best I can make out:

My advice is to send him to the Mass Institute of Technology – Boston of all the young men out of college which I have employed those from the Mass Tech were far superior to all others.”

Source: “Letter from Harry C Shaaber to Thomas Alva Edison, October 30th, 1916,” Edison Papers Digital Edition, accessed July 20, 2018,>. The ever-vigilant Lewis Brett Smiler sent it to me.

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  1. Neat. So the obvious question is, did he apply, get in and go (and graduate)? There are some Schaabers near Reading according to Switchboard. I am not bold (brash?, impolite?, stupid?) enough to contact them.

  2. Reading according to Switchboard

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