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March 1, 2010

Carl Malamud on making the law accessible

The latest Radio Berkman podcast is up. In it, I interview Carl Malamud about his efforts to get American legal code made accessible and copyright free. Yes, our own damn law is covered by copyright, or so at least some claim. Carl is one of those tireless fighters for our own culture.

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February 12, 2010

[ahole] Radio Berkman, and Hubspot TV interview on Cluetrain, blogging ‘n’ stuff

The latest is up. I interview Mary L. Gray about the blurring of the distinction between online and offline among rural gay youth. (Liveblogged her talk here.)

Here‘s a video interview of me by Mike Volpe at Hubspot TV. We talk about the Cluetrain, the State Dept.’s Web 2.0 efforts, and about whether companies should blog as companies. Also: The Superbowl as an impediment to pizza.

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