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July 1, 2010

Twitter research tool

The Web Ecology Project has released 140Kit, a research tool for tracing tweet paths. From the site: “It’s the final product of the various provisional tools we’ve used to produce our previous reports on the social phenomena of Twitter, and of lead researcher Devin Gaffney’s own work on high throughput humanities.”

  • It enables complete data pulls for a set of users or terms on Twitter, with searches running continuously.

  • The ability to download those data pulls in raw form to use for whatever you please.

  • The ability to stand on the shoulders of giants by mixing and matching existing data pulls to generate entirely new combinations of data and analysis.

  • And the ability to instantaneously generate basic visualizations around the data (term use, inequality of participation, etc).

It’s free to use and open source. So, Devin Gaffney, Ian Pearce, Max Darham, and Max Nanis: