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December 22, 2009

Radio Berkman: Supernova roundup on broadband strategy, real time web, and the Obama Net admin

Daniel Jones has posted the latest Radio Berkman episode, in which he turns the tables on me and I become the interviewed instead of the interviewer. We talk about the Supernova conference, including clips from interviews I did there. Topics covered include those in the title of this post, and interviews are with Paul Gigner (Verizon), Elliot Noss (Tucows), and Esme Vos (MuniWireless)….

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December 8, 2009

Esme Vos on structural separation and the power of broadband competition

Esme Vos founded Here she talks about the benefits of competition among access providers, and what we’ve learned from countries that have enforced a structural separation between those companies that provide access to the Internet and those that provide content and services over the Internet. (7:40 minutes)

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December 6, 2009

FCC considers switch of phone system to VoIP

The FCC has issued a three-page public notice asking for comments — in light of the upcoming national broadband strategy — on “whether to issue a Notice of Inquiry (NOI) relating to the appropriate policy framework to facilitate and respond to the market-led transition in technology and services, from the circuit switched PSTN system to an IP-based communications world.”

In identifying the appropriate areas of inquiry, we seek to understand which policies and regulatory structures may facilitate, and which may hinder, the efficient migration to an all IP world. In addition, we seek to identify and understand what aspects of traditional policy frameworks are important to consider, address, and possibly modify in an effort to protect the public interest in an all-IP world. For example, one line of questioning that a Notice of Inquiry may pursue is how to continue ensuring appropriate protections for and assistance to people with disabilities in the transition to an IP-based communications world. Another could focus on the role of carrier of last resort obligations. In this Public Notice, we seek comment on what policy areas should be understood in considering how best to prepare for the transition from the circuit-switched to the IP-based communications world.

Note the word “facillitate” in the first quote.