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December 8, 2009

Esme Vos on structural separation and the power of broadband competition

Esme Vos founded Here she talks about the benefits of competition among access providers, and what we’ve learned from countries that have enforced a structural separation between those companies that provide access to the Internet and those that provide content and services over the Internet. (7:40 minutes)

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December 5, 2009

Elliot Noss on Canadian lessons for US broadband strategy

Elliot Noss, of Tucows, draws some lessons from Canada’s experience for the US Broadband Initiative:

BTW, I count Elliot as a good friend. And more video interviews about our national broadband strategy at

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November 27, 2009

Broadband Strategy week: Interview with Brian David

At the latest edition of Broadband Strategy Week, I interview Brian David, Director of Adoption and Usage at the FCC’s Broadband Strategy intiative. We talk about what has to happen beyond providing access in order to enable and drive adoption.

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October 27, 2009

Broadband Strategy Week video: FCC on broadband and economic opportunity

The latest interview with a member of the FCC Broadband strategy initiative is now up at BroadbandStrategyWeek.

Elana Berkowitz is Director of Economic Opportunities for the Omnibus Broadband Initiative at the FCC.

17:20 mins

0:00 What do you do?
2:30 It’s very complicated. How do you decide what should be done by the public sector, by the private?
3:53 What’s the process by which you gather this information? Have there been workshops?
4:45 Workshops specifically on economic development?
5:37 You have all of this open input, but at some point — Feb. 17 — you have to decide exactly what you’re going to recommend…

9:15 What are the chances that what you recommend will make use of existing social networking platforms that are privately held, as opposed to having the government build, or pay for the building of, a new type of platform that perhaps repeats some of the functionality privately built ones offer.
10:42 So we’re not likely to see FaceGov or TwitGov…?
11:22 Just in case, I think I’ll take those domain names :)
12:35 So, how can the social sector get involved in this?
14:25 You come to this job right after a citizen journalism project called Off the Bus. Can you explain that and the relation between these two phases of your life?


October 7, 2009

Dewayne Hendricks on the Darknet

Dewyane Hendricks, one of the foremost implementers of wireless networks anywhere, and a guy so far over the leading edge that the leading edge asks him for directions, talks about the rise of the “darknet” (dark net?) in a 5-minute interview at Broadband Strategy Week, my set of video interviews about, well, broadband strategy. On the Darknet you can get just about any content you want, especially in the gated communities where sharers trust one another. Dewayne thinks that we’re not paying enough attention to this when we think about policy, especially since the Darknet is getting more accessible all the time.


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