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March 22, 2010

Yochai on the need for Net access competition

Yochai Benkler’s op-ed in the NY Times takes the Broadband Strategy Initiative to task for not requiring more competition among access providers. Well put.

I believe that Harold Feld would agree with Yochai, but he nevertheless has a somewhat sunnier spin on the report, perhaps because, as Harold explained elsewhere, he earlier on gave up on getting the plan that he actually wanted.


March 6, 2010

[bsw] Broadband Strategy Initiative: Phil Bellario on scenario planning

In the latest Broadband Strategy Week series of video interviews, I talk with Phil Bellario, Director of Scenario Planning for the FCC’s Omnibus Broadband Initiative. We talk about how you plan for an unplannable future, and how much of the future plans rest upon the present.

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January 15, 2010

FCC workshop on why maybe an open Internet isn’t such a bad idea

The next FCC workshop is on “Consumers, Transparency and the Open Internet.” It’s is in DC on Tuesday. It should be interesting…

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National broadband strategy delayed one month

I just found out that last week or so, the national broadband strategy’s deadline was postponed by Congress from Feb. 17 to Mar. 17. According to Phil Bellaria, Scenario Planning Director, this will enable the team to circulate the report within the FCC for additional comment and polishing. (I just interviewed Phil for BroadbandStrategyWeek, but it’ll take a few days to post the video.)

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December 24, 2009

Brett Glass on what WISPs need

Brett Glass runs a Wireless ISP (WISP) in Laramie, Wyoming that spreads across some wide open spaces. To compete, he argues, he needs the government to regulate the right aspects and to keep its hands off everything else. (He believes Net Neutrality is unnecessary and will hurt the ability of small ISPs to compete.)

I interviewed him when he came to Berkman to give a talk. (My liveblogging of his talk is here.)

There are more such interviews at Broadband Strategy Week.


October 7, 2009

Dewayne Hendricks on the Darknet

Dewyane Hendricks, one of the foremost implementers of wireless networks anywhere, and a guy so far over the leading edge that the leading edge asks him for directions, talks about the rise of the “darknet” (dark net?) in a 5-minute interview at Broadband Strategy Week, my set of video interviews about, well, broadband strategy. On the Darknet you can get just about any content you want, especially in the gated communities where sharers trust one another. Dewayne thinks that we’re not paying enough attention to this when we think about policy, especially since the Darknet is getting more accessible all the time.