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January 19, 2010

Flash cookies know where you’ve been

I had not heard of Flash cookies until Fernando Bermejo’s Berkman talk last week. Now he’s inaugurated his new blog (well, it’s his second post) with a posting about a new study. Fernando writes:

the white paper concludes “that companies making inappropriate or irresponsible use of the Flash technology are very likely asking for trouble (and potentially putting the rest of the online industry at risk of additional government regulation)”. As for [end users], flash cookies are characterized as “super-cookies which are dramatically more resilient than cookies due to their implementation and a general lack of knowledge about their existence among consumer”.

To remove Flash cookies – which have some peacetime uses – go here.


February 15, 2008

Home page done right

Ryan Terry is an illustrator and a Flash guy. His home page is like one of those poke-n-play CD illustrated books for kids, except better. His previous one is at least as good. (Thanks to Marc Nathan for the link, via Twitter.

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