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June 21, 2011

The Argument against Word, Reason #513

Here’s what’s happening with Microsoft Word 2008 on Mac. Note that I am not looking for help. I am merely venting.

1. Redefined heading2 so that it begins with an auto number.

2. Now when I select Normal paragraphs and apply the “number me” button to them, they all turn into heading2’s.

3. Create a new element called Normal-List, defined as beginning with an auto-number.

4. After the fourth instance of heading2, begin my fourth set of Normal-List items.

5. That fourth set continues the numbering from the third set. Select the first item and choose “Restart numbering.” It is a no-op.

6. Try every thing you can think of. Nothing works.

7. Re-open it in LibreOffice (nee Open Office) and fix the goddamn autonumbers.

Q: How many years will it take for Microsoft to get auto-numbering right?
A: How many years are there?

This is especially frustrating since the software company I worked at from 1986-1994, Interleaf, got this right about twenty years ago. AAAaaarrrrrgggggghhhhh.


April 17, 2011

Installing LibreOffice on Ubuntu

Because I had to click around a few times, trying out instructions that did not work, here’s a link to instructions that actually do install LibreOffice on Uubuntu. The instructions that don’t work tell you to open a DEBS folder that does not exist. The instructions that do work have you use a PPA (Personal Package Archives), about which you need to know as little as I do (= nothing).

You do have to know how to type commands in a terminal window, however.

Also, this installation leaves your old copy of Open Office untouched. If you want to uninstall Open Office entirely, I am told you should type this into a terminal: sudo apt-get remove openoffice*.*

LibreOffice is the fork from Open Office now that Oracle has taken possession of the latter. Right now it’s almost exactly the same, but it’s where the interesting future developments will occur.

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