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December 22, 2011

We friend people who are like us; we don’t become like the people we friend

Ok, so the title of this post grossly overstates the findings of Kevin Lewis, Marco Gonzalez, and Jason Kaufman who analyzed how tastes spread among friends on Facebook, at the one college they were able to study. Still, it’s interesting data, and I enjoyed interviewing Kevin Lewis about it for this Berkman podcast.

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December 21, 2011

CBC Spark on ShelfLife and LibraryCloud

The CBC show Spark a couple of days ago ran an 8 minute piece about the two biggest projects coming out of the Harvard Library Innovation Lab, ShelfLife and LibraryCloud. It does a great job cutting together an interview of me with an illuminating narrative from Nora Young. (I co-direct the Lab, along with Kim Dulin, although credit for these apps goes to our team: Annie Jo Cain, Paul Deschner, Jeff Goldenson, Matt Phillips, and Andy Silva.)

Spark also has posted the full, uncut interview and a good blog post about it.

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September 23, 2011

Tim Spalding on what libraries can learn from LibraryThing

I’m a huge admirer of LibraryThing for its innovative spirit, ability to scale social interactions, and its adding value to books. So, I was very happy to have a chance to interview Tim Spalding, its founder, for a Library Lab podcast, which is now posted.

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July 9, 2011

Conrad Wolfram on teaching math right

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May 11, 2011

James Bridle – first Library Innovation Lab podcast

James Bridle is the interviewee in the first in a series of podcasts I’m doing for the Harvard Library Innovation Lab.

I met James at a conference in Israel a few weeks ago, and had the great pleasure of getting to hang out with him. He’s a British book-lover and provocateur, who expresses his deep insights through his wicked sense of humor.

Thanks to Daniel Dennis “Magnificent” Jones [twitter:blanket] for producing the series, doing the intros, choosing the music, writing the page…


December 17, 2010

Podcast with Kevin Kelly that doesn’t worry about whether technology can want anything

I really enjoyed interviewing Kevin Kelly for this Radio Berkman podcast. (Well, who wouldn’t!) Kevin’s book, What Technology Wants, is quite remarkable. Kevin is attempting to reframe our way of understanding life, the universe, and all its little details.

I was especially proud that we made it through without talking about whether technology can really be said to want anything. That’s not what really is at stake in the book.


December 17, 2008

Radio Berkman podcast: Free, national, and for five-year-olds

In this week’s Radio Berkman podcast, I interview Stephen Schultze about the FCC’s auctioning off spectrum to a national provider who would be required to use 25% of it for free, nationwide wifi. There’s only one catch: That wifi would have to only connect to sites and services that are safe for minors (defined as people between 5 and 18).

After we had recorded this interview last week, the FCC postponed voting on the proposal, and since it’s the baby of the outgoing Chair, it’s probably postponed forever. Still, the idea raises some really interesting issues. Steve and I focus on the free speech considerations, although the opposition from other spectrum-holders certainly could not have encouraged the FCC.

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