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January 29, 2012

After 61 years, I learn how to make french fries

For all of my adult life, I’ve been making french fries (maybe once every couple of months) by cutting up the potatoes, putting them on a baking sheet, putting a couple of tablespoons (I’m guessing) of oil over them, mixing them up by hand, and popping them into a 425 degree oven,

For all of my adult life, I then go back 15 minutes later and use a spatula to try to flip them without separating their delicious crusty outsides from their fleshy insides. And failing. Their best parts stay stuck to the frying pan, the bastards. I’e tried aluminum and steel sheets, non-stick sheets, and sheets lined with aluminum foil.

Yesterday I coated the little darlings with oil in a bowl before putting than on the baking sheet. Bingo! Fried heaven!

(Note that this tip is independent of other tips, such as soaking them in cold water for an hour, double frying them, or not eating them because they’re bad for you.)