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November 23, 2008

SNL: Review of Links

Saturday Night Live, which I have been watching since its first Saturday night, is the finest Tivo show around: Unwatchable live, but often excellent if watched with a fast forward button. And now that SNL is posting many of its segments online, I thought I’d save you those precious fast-forward moments by reviewing the links, in best-first order:

Clear-Rite ad. Loved it. Might have loved it more if they’d ended it before Tim’s entrance, but I’m not sure. Definitely will be on the Best of Kristin Wiig reel.

Country James Bond. Tim McGraw is excellent in this fairly funny, wandering sketch.

Keith Morrison. Funny, and would have been funnier if I’d known this was an imitation of a real guy.

Blizzard Man. Unfunny recurring character, but this one was slightly chucklish. T-Pain and Ludacris were good in it.

Turkeys. Good example of sketches that give SNL a bad name. Not funny.

Bill Clinton. Bill is a horndog. Wow, is this tired, lazy and not funny. Embarrassingly bad.

NBC is also providing an address by Rahm Emanuel as a Web extra. Predictable but slightly funny. I’d put it a giant step above Turkeys in the list.

So, now I’ve saved you 83 minutes of your precious time. You’re welcome. [Tags: ]

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October 17, 2008

Can we do a TiVo boycott of Palin on SNL?

Sarah Palin is not a joke. So, suppose we TiVo users were to skip past her time on SNL this Saturday. Any chance TiVo would notice and publicize it, just as they made public that the moments of Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction were the most re-viewed seconds of the Superbowl that year?

Yes, I think this may be the worst idea I’ve ever blogged.[Tags: ]


September 15, 2008

Comedy, lies, and videotape

Obama’s new ad goes meta-meta:

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hilarious at the beginning of an otherwise ominously unfunny Saturday Night Live season-opener:

And, much as I think Palin is a disastrous, cynical choice, ABC’s editing of Gibson’s interview with her seems un-even-handed. If only there were a medium where ABC could post an unedited version for all those who want to see it … [Tags: ]

The Army Times wants to know if McCain has flipflopped or is lying about his recent support for the Army’s Future Combat Systems. Interesting.

John McCain hit the campaign trail on Monday sans La Palin, and managed to draw 3,000 people into a 16,000 person stadium. Photos here. It almost makes me sad.