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October 27, 2008

The video divide

John Kelly at Shifting the Debate has posted a diagram of the 100 most blogged political videos, showing their distribution across the party chasm. Bruce Ettlinger, of the Berkman‘s Internet & Democracy project blogs about it, calling out some particular vids.

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February 17, 2008

Yes we Can – Now with our images

The creators of the amazing “Yes We Can” Obama video have a new version up that renders the video using a mosaic of Flickr photos — easier to see than explain. If you want your photo to show up in it, post it at Flickr and tag it “hopeactchange.”

Interestingly, the “act” page of the site lists the Web sites of all the candidates, not just Obama’s

The original video I found moving and inspiring. Re-rendering it using images from everyone who cares to participate is not going to change the world or even change any minds. It’s symbolic. Good. When the current symbols of America are George W. Bush and waterboarding, it’s not so bad to have a “we” symbol show up in our mirror.

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