Speaking of...

David Weinberger


David is a...

"Big thinker"

Entertaining speaker

Ph.D. in philosophy...and a "marketing guru" (WSJ)

Harvard researcher

Best-selling author


David likes to work with clients to create customized presentations designed for their particular interests and needs. Here are some suggestions:

How organizations can be smart now that there's too much to know.

The world has always been bigger than our skulls. But with the rise of the Internet, we at last have a medium capable of embracing this over-large world. To do so, we are adopting new fundamental strategies of knowing, transforming the role and importance of experts, how we make decisions, and how we lead.

Organizing information in a messy, customer-driven world

We've long assume that the owners of the info get to organize it. But in a digital world, if you don't let users organize it their way, they'll look elsewhere. The good news is that bottom-up organization, if done right, discovers hidden value in what your company offers. It just requires screwing your head on differently...

The power of disagreement

Stay on the Net long enough and you will learn one clear lesson: We will never ever agree about anything. But that disagreement is the power of the Net...both the Internet and the local webs that hold your organization together. But for disagreement to move us forward, it has to be of the right sort among the right people.

Online markets are weirder than you think

The Cluetrain Manifesto in 1999 was right when it said "Markets are conversations." But that doesn't mean that the right way to market in the weird, weird online world is by engaging in conversations. Understanding online markets requires undoing about a century's worth of basic assumptions about marketing.


"David Weinberger's articulate passion, intelligence and wit riveted an SRO crowd of about 1,300" - eBusiness

"You ... encouraged our attendees to think, laugh and act ...." - Ernst & Young

"...passionate, engaging, and entertaining..." - Support.com

"..a guest speaker dream come true." - Support.com

""David Weinberger's business concepts and presentation were the perfect way to jump-start our conference" - Disney Institute

"an absolute hit as the keynote speaker" - Interactive Summit

"...With the crowd in his palm, and hanging on every word..."
"...the attendees were thrilled." - eBusiness

"He sneaks up on his audience with his unassuming style only to completely captivate them with his controversial, intelligent and witty perspective." - Nasdaq Global Marketing Roundtable

""Your general session presentation provided us with insightful information and at the same time kept us delightfully entertained." - Experian

"Wow - what an extraordinary performance from a shy, retiring, introverted philosopher! ... It was high-energy, thought-provoking and very funny." - IBM WebSphere

"David was the most entertaining speaker I have ever had the pleasure to listen to (and laugh and laugh)..." - Clickthings


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cell: 617 852 6902
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