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Bone Dry Future, 2 I

Bone Dry Future, 2

I blogged about my anxiety about having to give a 3-minute presentation on some new trend, technology or company. I got a few thoughtful replies.

Tony Goodson writes:

Of course this is far from new, but if I look at the Weblogs and the sites I like to read and go to on a daily basis, I realise as I write my own Weblog that to have a paying audience would make a significant difference to time given to my Voice on the Internet. …

I guess you get my drift. Artists of the world get paid for what you do! Surfers of the world pay for what you like! I don’t have a clear way forward on this, but you did ask.

I think Micropayments and the effect they have on the Internet will be the biggest thing, but then again when did a good idea and good technology ever get implemented. I wrote a project on Magnetic Levitation 20 years ago! Good idea. Good Technology. So what?

Yes, micropayments will be huge. Great point.

Halley Suitt counterblogged on the same topic as my original post: weblogs. Here’s a taste: “They are turning a whore back into a virgin, no small task, and preparing the way for a completely new way to work, live, think and prosper.” You go, Halley. (BTW, her blog is most excellent.)

Scott Christensen comes at this rather obliquely:

I hope everything worked out ok with the little talk but what I really wanted to comment on was Cheezits. I’m glad it’s not just me that can consume a vast quantity of Cheezits when under stress. They’re so damn addictive.

You sit and ponder stuff and they seem to fly out of the box into your mouth. It seems that sometimes they have a life of their own and that their only purpose is to be like the moths of the snack food world and leap to their death in your belly.

Of course, the worst thing about the Cheezit eating frenzy is the sudden overwhelming thirst that happens about halfway through the box. A parched desert landscape is better hydrated and I would know because I currently live in Tucson.

So, as I understand it, Scott’s thought is that the most important new phenomenon facing us are animate Cheezits from Hell … just as Bill Joy predicted!

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