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New Googlewhack Leader, New Tool

New Googlewhack Leader, New Tool

We have a new leader in the Googlewhack Sweepstakes. (A Googlewhack is a pair of words that gets only one hit at Google. To score, you multiple the hits for each word individually.) The leader is RCassidy. The phrase is … well, we’ll save that for the end.

Kevin Marks, who gave us the Marks mark system of scoring, now presents us with a tool for automating the scoring of Googlewhacks. You can download it here. Pocket GoogleWhacker is perfect. Enter your words and it comes back with the score. Well worth the $0.50 Kevin asks in return.

Now, news from Googlewhack’s inventor, Gary Unblinking Stock. His page devoted to the Art and Science of Googlewhacking has become quite lively. And, he is now the proud owner of Let’s hope that this becomes the new international home of Googlewhackery. Finally, he’s been in a colloquoy with the over-stimulated folks at Mornington Crescent. These are serious gamers who aren’t happy until they’ve complicated matters to the point that the rules themselves become the game. Very amusing discussion.

Now, start up your QuickTime engines and imagine a drum roll. RCassidy gives us:

linux: 48,300,000
checkerspot: 6060
Total Marks mark: 292,698,000,000

Note: We use the Linux Constant since Google has a 5,000,000 point swing in its reported hits on “linux.”

This tops Sam Dionne’s previous high of 151,179,000,000 rather handily. It also beats Steve Ringo’s excellent “hackleback linux” that scores 250,194,000,000. Congratulations Mr. or Ms. RCassidy. Well done!

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