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MiscLinks In response to my


In response to my query about sites whose existence reminds us of the real value of the Net, Vergil Iliescu cites The Edge where (in Vergil’s words) “you can watch some of the famous names in science discuss a whole range of issues.” Vergil points out that, unfortunately, it is not much of an interactive cite. (Who would decline the opportunity to be guided by Vergil!)

Gilbert Cattoire sends us to FusionAnomaly, an odd linking of disparate concepts.

Bob Filipczak points us to a very amusing interview with Jonah Peretti, the guy who tried to get Nike to customize his sneakers (excuse me, his “machines for walking”) with the phrase “Sweatshop.” He’s now launched “The Rejection Line,” a phone service that says no for you.

Tom Gross thinks we might like Playdamage where new-agey music accompanies a too-static lightshow. He says Playdamage reminds him of Superbad, a site of that seems more involving (or, as we used to say, “bongable”).

Tom also points us to a page at the Playdamage site where there is a “Market-o-Matic” tool that constructs marketing bafflegab based on your selections of nouns, verbs, etc. Very MadLibs.


Phil Jones sends us to a nicely done but predictable child’s eye view of W.

W. David Stephenson writes:

…thought you’d enjoy my opus in the Homeland Defense Journal on how we need “Internet thinking,” (empowering everyone, closing loops, and linking everything) as much as Internet technology to deal with this problem.

There’s an interesting article in the WSJ about The Jewish World Review. The JWR publishes from the point of view of a socially-aware orthodox Jew. As a result, it tends to range from conservative to neo-conservative. But, since I’m not a religious Jew or conservative or neo-conservative and yet the JWR occasionally publishes my stuff, I admire the editor’s (Binyamin Jolkovsky) open-mindedness (as well as his orthodoxy). This is a one-person enterprise that deserves to survive, but is struggling right now.

The constant Chip suggests we might enjoy these “principles of popaganda,” or at least the introduction. (No, “popaganda” is not a typo.)

Charles Munat is exercised by what he considers my naivete and sends me to for an education in our American blindness to the reprehensible acts of our own government. He was set off by my saying that “Terrorism is a tactic adopted by people who can’t afford armies, so they fight real dirty” since that excludes — and, thus, he thinks I think, exculpates — big countries that deliberately target civilians, as the US has done with disgusting frequency. (I currently have a two-part column in Darwin Online discussing Charles’ views on design.)

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