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How to Get into the DayPop Top 40

Doc blogs “In Praise of Breasts” which, in addition to raising questions about our culture’s fetishism and about the ability of art to transcend the sexual, also poses the eternal riddle: Are there other sure-fire ways to crack the DayPop Top 40?

Yes, there are. Here are some titles guaranteed to shoot you into that vaunted heaven:

Open Source toilet kills 30

Large, Round UFO visible in background of photo of Bush and Blair

First entry in new White House weblog links to porn site

How to fold a $20 to see Martha Stewart topless

RageBoy Apologizes

eBay auctions off Michael Jackson’s nose

New Apple power cord to come in 3 colors

Which superheroes are the best hung?

75,000 missing votes from Florida recount claimed to have been stored in the WTC

Quiz: Which sort of shithead are you?

See you on the Top 40!

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