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Ligh Blogging Ahead

I’m on a road trip, giving a keynote to Hospitality Design on Thursday in Sonoma about “hyperlinked organizations” and leading workshops on “The Web from Your Members’ Point of View” for an association of associations (yes, a meta-association) in Orlando on Friday.

Yes, I tell you this not only to explain why my blogging will be lighter than usual but to hint that I’m available as a speaker and consultant. And I’ll give you one rock solid reason to prefer me to my colleages and competitors: I give kickbacks.

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One Response to “Ligh Blogging Ahead”

  1. I’m working on a seminar in Copenhagen Denmark on the network culture of tomorrow (it’s today, but please don’t tell the leaders of the big orgs – or they will think it’s too late to join the party ;)) and the challenges facing traditional Organizations and Unions – when the wireless generation can organize immediately and with no strings attached.
    It’s too late to hire you, but it’s probably not the last seminar I arrange.
    I’ll be giving a speak too.
    I don’t give kickbacks, but I’m a helluva guy!

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