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The Theseus Institute in the south of France (swim out of the Mediterranean, towel off in Nice, and go north a few miles) is hosting its annual conference, which this year is on “Digital Personae and Prviacy: the business, technological and social implications”:

The 2003 TIMIA conference will be led by Dr. Derrick de Kerckhove, Director of the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology, and will be joined by a number of other leading experts and business representatives.

This is not just a one day conference but rather a month long opportunity to interact, explore and reflect on this important topic culminating in the face to face exchange on 4th April in Sophia Antipolis.

In contrast to most conferences, and in keeping with Theseus alumni’s entrepreneurial heritage, 2003 TIMIA Conference will commence before the physical meeting of delegates and speakers. Starting in March, using an interactive software tool, developed by the University of Toronto registered delegates will be able to interact with Dr. Derrick de Kerchove, other speakers and each other, by posting questions, comments and related content ahead of the event.

Nope, I’m not going. But I can dream, can’t I?

The Theseus Institute is a remarkable business/management school, and not just because it’s on the Riviera, although that sure don’t hurt. It’s quite progressive in its attitude toward the nature of business and success. Here is part of its mission statement:

…Many commentators and most educational institutions still tend to look upon the changes happening as being the result of the acceleration of transactions of various sorts due to computers and the internet. Their basic stand is that once we adjust for the speed of things, the underlying dynamics are pretty much the same, to be treated with pretty much the same tools, and to be understood pretty much with the same mental habits and methods.

We take issue with this stand.

The “information revolution” is bringing about a fundamental change in where and how value is created along the “value web” and, even more critically, who will be able extract and lay claim to the value being so created. This is not a marginal change along the edges of our understanding of management; it requires a fundamental rethink and re-conceptualization…

Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that there are no more football scholarships available for the upcoming year.

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2 Responses to “Sunny DigitalID”

  1. Thanks for the notice, David. Derrick will be pleased with the … uhhh… “press.”

    The collaborative tool referred to in the article is called “Hypersession,” and it’s one that we use here at the Program for some of our courses, and that Derrick uses in courses he teaches internationally. It is particularly well-suited to the academic environment in which groups of students may work together, each contributing aspects of their group’s project. It provides “galleries” to which various digital objects can be uploaded, forums that manage threaded discussion postings, and in the new version, online chat with full support for live web cams that enables distance collaborations.

    If you are a prof with a class of, say, 200, divided up into groups of 10, Hypersession will all you to see what each student has contributed to the group’s project, and thereby allow you to assess each student, both individually and in the group context.

  2. Thanky’s so much
    Antonio Prigiobbo

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