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My friend Paul English is writing photo gallery software because he hasn’t found any that suits all his needs, including: “three sizes of each photo, keyboard navigation, netflix-style starbar ratings, email, shutterfly upload, EXIF camera settings info, and CSS templates.” He says:

Fotokey is for people who already have their own website, and want their photos on their own site vs. hosted elsewhere. It currently works on linux servers, although could be made to work elsewhere. All source code is on the site, and the application is free for any use.

I’m looking for some digital photographers who can help beta test the software.

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4 Responses to “FotoKey”

  1. Gallery does everything mentioned except for “starbar” ratings, which would be relatively easy to add.

    While Gallery doesn’t have the *best* templating system in the world, you can edit all the outputed code to make it look however you want.

  2. I hadn’t see before, thanks for the link.

    Yes, it seems to do almost everything that my fotokey system does. You can download my starbar source code if you want to use it with gallery. Note also that I have keyboard navigation.

    Gallery does have features I don’t have yet, like reorder, hide, etc, which I currently do in my image processing software before uploading.

    Note while gallery says it was developed over “thousands of hours”, my fotokey was developed in one week, as an exercise for me when I was learning Perl.

    See also my fotokey site to links to other gallery tools, there sure are a lot of them out there.


  3. fotokey: New free gallery software

    [via JOHO the blog:] Paul English has released a new Perl based CGI to create image galleries on web sites. From a first look this seems simple enough for me to give it a try – looks like something I’ve been looking for for a while….

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