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I Hate Wifi

Adelphia cable modem, meet Linksys 802.11b wireless access point router. Router, meet cable modem. Now that you’re old friends, allow me to introduce Linksys 802.11b card. Oh, you don’t get along with him? Then you’ll definitely hate his more powerful sibling, the 802.11g card.

Put aside the G card; even when it works, it’s much slower than B. Before I can get online with B, I have to go through a ritualistic dance for at least 40 minutes. Some combination of rebooting the three devices, doing “ipconfig /renew”s until the cows come home, and clicking on the 105 Windows dialog boxes that use redundant terminology for non-redundant operations and non-redundant terminology for redundant operations, and maybe it works. For a while.

It’s simpler than it used to be, but it’s still not right.

I know my anger is misplaced. Wifi is good. Wifi is kind. Wifi is understanding. It’s Windows and Linksys and maybe Adelphia who are devouring my time and good will and replacing my usual beneficent smile with a fanged snarl. Or maybe it’s my antivirus software, my mouse, or possibly just my karma. (I knew I shouldn’t have kicked that dog in Babylonia.)

O, where is the page that gives step-by-step instructions based on the specific symptoms? I know you’re out there somewhere…

9 Responses to “I Hate Wifi”

  1. You didn’t say if you were attempting to use WEP security or not, but I found that it makes things much more difficult. Make sure you get your rain dance down pat before trying to secure things, then close the doors to the Pringles can crowd. Of course, you could just buy a Mac with and Airport card and do away with all this nonsense…

  2. WEP is and has been turned off, both to keep things simpler and to open up all my valuable files to anyone within a 300-ft radius.

  3. I used to experience similar problem when my wireless router used to boot up faster than the cable modem. Maybe you can try by making sure that the modem comes up fully before the wireless router is up.

  4. Your so funny, I’ve been working with computers for almost 7 years and the only thing i keep telling myself before i even nstart anything is…
    I should be getting paid to fix this. I hate computers and the hassles that comes with them. I’ve even almost crossed to the darkside and thought about buying a mac. I figure 1 quarter of my life is burned up by computers. Systems now are much better to work on rather then with older pci and plug and pray computers.

    One last thing i like to mention. I run a palm using bluetooh and a cheesy but effective software called mocha32 to connect. I thought I was going to pitch my computer out the window trying to configure and set up those three odd balls.
    I feel your pain and want you to knows, people like us must keep pushing technology even if it sucks.


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  6. Wifi is so shit, i hate it soo much, if it cant connect, then it is a wrong passcode…or signal strenth isnt good or it just dosnt want to connect

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