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Order of Magnitude Quiz: WW II

I’ve been reading Anthony Beevor’s Berlin: The Downfall 1945, a book that makes world war sound like something to be avoided. The carnage and outrages it relates are all the more horrifying since everyone but the Nazi leadership knew that Germany had lost. (Beevor is also good, however, at laying out how the struggle for post-war power drove military operations.)

So, I mean no disrespect when I pose the following question: How many artillery shells did Russia fire into Berlin in the last ten days of the war, according to page 262 of the book? Coming within a factor of ten in either direction counts as correctly answering the question.

Reveal the answer by drag-selecting the seemingly blank space between the X’s:

X ————1,800,000———— X

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4 Responses to “Order of Magnitude Quiz: WW II”

  1. That’s an unseemly number. How does it compare to the US’ Desert actions?

    Also, aggregators don’t care much for your color-hiding trick. So we don’t get to play the game.

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  4. I think we should have put MacArthur in charge oF Europe Either have Ike go to the Pacific or be his assistant. 4 or 4 differences I can think of are.
    I. Italty would have been INVADE near the top trapping the germans.

    2. Monty & Patton would not dare to bicker or would quickly be brought up short

    3. Market garden would not have Happened.

    4. Hürtgen forest Would nopt have happened

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