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Wifing the Playing Fields

Jonathon Peterson thinks it’d be cool to provide wifi at local sports events:

How much would you pay to be able to attend junior’s little league game but still be able to get a little work done from the stands?

Not to mention the silencing of the crowds as the cheering gets sublimated into cross-team IRC.

Well, count me out. I consider it a solemn obligation of parenting to fake, um, take an interest in our child’s baseball games.

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9 Responses to “Wifing the Playing Fields”

  1. It’s not wi-fi, but at the SF Giants games, palm (I think) sponsors kiosks. These kiosks use the IR ports to download the rosters/scorecards/stats etc. for the two teams.
    Plus, the players don’t cry if you don’t pay attention.


  2. Well, if you relax your scruples, David, and decide to split your Little League attentiveness between the game and something else almost as interesting, could we branch out the technology to include wifi access for those attending beginning music recitals, very amateur dramatic productions, most amateur (and some professional) musicals, many sermons, official “remarks” during the dessert time of annual banquets, the first class of the semester when the professor uses the whole two hours to review the syllabus, the last several hours of extended family gatherings when all the anecdotes are repeats, movie theaters during the pre-preview advertisement and silly trivia question period, and Amtrak trains–at least during the hours that the train is late? Really, I’m an agreeable and sociable person, but . . . .

  3. Sure, we can branch out, but only if it includes wifi at boring conference sessions. And wifi in classrooms to enable IM and IRC is a really good thing.

    But, not to be all serious and everything, if you’re going to the ball game to show your child that you’re interested in what she’s doing, then at least pretend to be interested. Otherwise, drop her off and have a friend pick her up.

  4. Technophilia and the Attention Deficit Disorder it brings

    David also hates my idea of running WiFi to kid’s sports facilities. My little brainstorm seems be almost be a…

  5. My little brainstorm has been pretty widely hated. It almost seems to be a litmus test for active parents. But new technologies come far faster than rules of polite behavior can be developed. Would your kid be willing to trade the loss of some of your attention in the stands at games if you were actively IM’ing during the day?

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