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Blogging Collective Nouns

Stephen Downes in a comment on my Bloggercon plug, refers to a “bevy of bloggers” at the MERLOT conference (aggregated here).

Surely we can do better than “bevy”! How about:

A roll of bloggers
A we of bloggers
A permalink of bloggers
An href of bloggers
An entry of bloggers
A self-reference of bloggers
A pronouncement of bloggers
An unread of bloggers
A glob of bloggers
A winer of bloggers

Surely you can do better!

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63 Responses to “Blogging Collective Nouns”

  1. Blogger Pod

  2. Plural Nouns for Bloggers

    Dave Winer and David Weinberger

  3. a swarm of bloggers
    the blog collective

  4. I doubt anyone will do better than a “roll” or a “glob” of bloggers; I’m not even going to venture a try.

  5. An archive of webloggers.
    A tripple of webloggers.
    A folder of webloggers.
    A mob of bloggers.

  6. A jam of bloggers
    A raft of bloggers

  7. A postillion of bloggers?
    A postage of bloggers? pronounced post-ajj

  8. A rant of bloggers

  9. An aggregation of bloggers!

  10. Boutique

  11. A bale? If endless self reference is a defining quality perhaps a blow of bloggers?

    Or maximize self reference — a blog of bloggers.

  12. A petition of bloggers

  13. A Chinese restaurant filled with bloggers.

  14. A cup of bouillion of bloggers.

  15. A blog of bloggers.

  16. A barnyard full of bloggers.

  17. A hogget of bloggers

  18. A web of bloggers

  19. A litany of bloggers.

    Or an alternative, a rogation of bloggers.

    Try the slightly kinder, a scroll of bloggers.

  20. Sometimes it seems to be a babel of bloggers, other times a boggle of bloggers… a bloomin’ buzzin’ confusion of bloggers (apologies to William James)… but on good days, I’d shorten that to just “a buzz of bloggers,” or even, with so many good ones sprouting up, “a bloom of bloggers.”

  21. A glob of bloggers!

  22. A gaggle of bloggers. As in gaggle of geese. Geese are loud, very social, and make great watch animals, if something is wrong or unusual they let you know.

    Of course there are all the military terms for those militant bloggers, squad, platoon, division, army etc.

    For those who think bloggging is black magic a coven of bloggers might be appropriate.

    For geeks, a stack of bloggers seems appropriate.

  23. a web of bloggers
    a warp of bloggers
    a weft of bloggers

    a post-it of bloggers

    a pledget of bloggers

    a wad of bloggers

    a chase of bloggers

    a plethora of bloggers

    a pundit of bloggers

  24. a posse of bloggers

  25. a btree of bloggers.

    Besides being a balanced indexed file structure,
    a B-tree is a B-log when it was still alive.


  26. She joined an extravagance of bloggers for dinner, only to find the conversation centering around another blognet. An effusion of bloggers was sitting at another table and were willing to share the spicy noodles with her shpritz. Her tribe decided to stick with rice.

    So: extravagance, blognet, effusion, shpritz, tribe.

  27. A blost of bloggers.

    blost = blog + post


  28. Blahblahblah



    of bloggers


  29. Burp



    of bloggers


  30. A bunch of bloggers.

  31. an aggravation of bloggers

  32. A slag of bloggers.

  33. A net of bloggers ?

    A set of bloggers ?

    A blossom of bloggers ?

  34. A net of bloggers

    A set of bloggers

    A blossom of bloggers, who blogsome.

  35. Exile on Blog St.™

  36. A banal of bloggers?
    A self-indulgence of bloggers?
    A conceit of bloggers?

  37. I don’t know the plural, but they get to the mill via a blog flue, that’s for sure.

  38. a pyre of bloggers.

    a tangle of bloggers.

    a brood of bloggers.

    a kiss of bloggers.

    a braze of bloggers.

  39. A flog of blogs comes to mind, but as for bloggers, a lager of bloggers? I’m thinking of one of Dave’s gatherings…

  40. Well, it was just an off-hand comment — mind you, those are the best kind. The list is good, but none of the collective nouns offered so far tops (IMHO) ‘bevy’. And, given that ‘bevy’ was first, somebody had better come up with something better in a hurry, or we will be stuck with it. Not that I mind, of course. ;)

  41. How about, a bath of bloggers?

  42. an ego of bloggers
    a poke of bloggers
    a bastion of bloggers
    an extremity of bloggers
    a pillory of bloggers
    an effluence of bloggers
    a putrescence of bloggers
    a plague of bloggers

    Do you notice a theme here? I’m finding it kind of hard to beat that string of collectives that began with “viagra” a few comments back….

  43. Surely

    “A disagreement of bloggers”

    kind of like a parliament of rooks, but less civilised

  44. How about a booger of bloggers?

  45. ¿Panda de bloggers?

    Hace poco se discutía en Joho the Blog cómo se debería denominar a un conjunto de webloggers. En el mismo

  46. A pride of bloggers.

    Oh, and Dave you might want to delete the comment spam in the middle of this thread.

  47. Tribe is an interesting word and a bevy of bloggers at BloggerCon 2003 sounds great but has more than a bevy of bloggers.
    Blogger has a wwworld of bloggers.
    Harvard has a host of bloggers.
    Joi Ito has a posse of bloggers.
    Dave has a barnyard of bloggers (his words!)
    James Moore/Dean campaign have an army of bloggers.
    Microsoft has a bunch (or regiment) of bloggers.

  48. a gaggle of geese

    a murder of crows

    a BOTHER of bloggers

  49. A link of bloggers, of course…

  50. Slight correction to Martin Lloyd, it is a parliament of owls and a building of rooks.

    Though I think is suggestion of “A disagreement of bloggers” is quite fine. The trouble with “bevy” and “pride” and many others is that they have been used many times before. The suggestion of “ego” is not bad, but “pundit” only works if the word blogger will only be to refer to the political sort. Though it is quite amusing.

    My own humble suggestion is, “A Recount of Bloggers.” Though the suggestion of “A Rant of Bloggers” may be better than my own.

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  53. What about a blather of bloggers
    – no offence ;-)

  54. aggregation has to win I think. or swarm maybe.

  55. I’d have to say “The Blag Collective” is the best one.

  56. A Snatch of Nubiles

  57. The simple answer is staring us int he face. Like the American Legion, bloggers should come in posts.

    A post of bloggers.

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  61. Why? Every other group that has a specific term, like a troop of actors or a pride of lions, functions as a group. Sure, bloggers interact with other bloggers via comments, links, blogrolls, and conventions. But by the very nature of the medium, blogging is a relatively individual activity. When I blog, I’m sitting alone at my computer writing my thoughts, not acting in concert with a group.

  62. How about

    a feed of bloggers?


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