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A Seinfeld Moment

[In the voice of a comedian overly influenced by Seinfeld:]

On Thanksgiving you give thanks. On Memorial Day, you remember veterans. But on Labor Day, nobody labors! What’s up with that?

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5 Responses to “A Seinfeld Moment”

  1. Olive oil is made from olives.
    Corn oil is made from corn.
    What is baby oil made from?

  2. Well, corporate America doesn’t labor, but us little guys have to work on labor day so all the CEO’s can do as they please

  3. Yeah, Puddin, I almost appended a note that of course many Americans labor on Labor Day, but I figured that that would go without saying.

  4. Labor Day is about Labor with a capital letter.

    Wal-Mart is the nation’s largest employer. I suggest we’d be better off as a nation if all of those employees were in a union. There would be more spending money, more time to help raise kids and more enjoyment of life.

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