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Tea Party Time

John Ashcroft had the chutzpah to stage the Boston leg of his pro-PATRIOT Act road show in Faneuil Hall, where Sam Adams proclaimed the liberties he was ready to die for. Apparently, this is the first time Faneuil Hall has been closed to the public for a political event since it was built in 1742. (If that factoid is more ‘toid than fact, well, it’s still worth believing for a couple of minutes.)

Here are some of the signs I enjoyed:

The Bill of Rights is the real Patriot Act

Boston’s Decided to Keep Their Rights

J. Edgar Hoover
Joe McCarthy
John Ashcroft
The Three Patriots

Ashcroft is more evil than Steinbrenner

Take your empire and shove it

Boston knows patriotism. This is no patriot act.

Halliburton Whore

Hey Mr. Ashcroft, Little Brother is watching you!

Why can’t we cover up this boob?

Time for another Tea Party

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7 Responses to “Tea Party Time”

  1. Maybe it’s because I’m a history nerd or maybe it’s because it was held by a businessman who didn’t look like your average rage-against-the-machine type, but my personal favorite was:

    Boston Patriots Against Tyranny:
    – Stamp Act: 1765
    – Tea Act: 1773
    – Patriot Act: 2001

    I put up some pictures of the protest that I took with my phone.

  2. The sign I wish I had:

    Save Social Security!
    Keep the “Raging Grannies” in Retirement!

  3. My favorite bit was the guy who played “The Imperial March” (the theme from the Star Wars trilogy that plays when Darth Vader enters the room) when Ashcroft’s car came by.


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  5. No more Tea Parties please!!!
    “the war that will end war” shouldn’t be left in the past :))
    Anita Tew

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