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Liberal Talk Radio???

Sheila Lennon interviews the hosts of a new liberal talk show, Outrage Radio that debuts Nov. 13. (I agree with her that the name stinks.) Excellent interview. E.g., one of the hosts says:

Reagan’s HUD and the Savings & Loan catastrophe: your taxes are higher by $50/month for the rest of your life because of that bailout.

Great factoid, if true.

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5 Responses to “Liberal Talk Radio???”

  1. While questioning Howard Dean’s campaigners upon his financing… a series of them began to defame the memory of my brother… who passed away at loma linda university medical center’s 7200 ward in October 1984. Todd Garth Anderson was a strong and vital kid. He was a fount of humor and human love.

    this link will disgust you with the soullessness of howard dean’s campaigners as they attack the memory of a child victim of the godzilla of all brain tumors.

    words like the words posted there on behalf of a political agenda should not go unavenged..

    I personally think the best revenge is to spread the word. Dean’s staff are human filth. If you wish to write them however, please take into account that I’ve had networks of them swerve their cars at me… attempt to physically intimidate me… and act like nazis in a variety of shocking methods of huey long style politics. Spread the word remains my advice, you have greater networks of communication as activists, students and humanists, then they have as corrupt thugs.

    Kevin Anderson

    howard dean! sucking israel’s bean! a sellout machine! building fences not dreams! from the same guys that shot yitzhak rabin! and his lovely zionist wife, dr. steinberg-dean! bought by sex, a second doctor’s income and ice cream. howard dean!

  2. For some excellent talk radio from an American perspective, check out the Thom Hartmann show – Monday – Friday noon to 3:00 PM

    The Thom Hartmann Radio Program is nationally syndicated on radio stations across the USA daily from noon to 3 pm EST through the i.e. America Radio Network, is also broadcast on Stream 145 on the Sirius satellite radio (“Sirius Left” – their progressive talk channel), and streamed live on the web from i.e. America Radio’s home page (click here to hear the program live).

    To enter the chat room, click here. (When you get into the Trade Forum, click on the “Chat” button.)

    (i.e. America Radio Network is the nation’s oldest and largest progressive talk radio network, with 115 radio station affiliates across the USA and one of the net’s most active web streams. Not all of i.e.’s affiliates carry Thom’s show, but we’re growing every week!)

    The program is also rebroadcast daily on the website as a stream from midnight to 3 am and from 6 am to 9 am EST. There’s also a three-week archive of the program on the White Rose Society’s website.

    The number to call if you’d like to be on the show (when Thom’s on the air – be listening first!) is 1-800-TALK-YES, which is 1-800-825-5937.

    And if you’d like to leave a message for Thom to play on the air, call 800 397-8255 anytime of the day or night.

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