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John Kerry (Live blogging)

Hated the hokey salute..

He’s being likable and relaxed. Great smile

“Trees are the cathedrals of nature”? Separation of trees and state!

The work of our generation isn’t done yet. I like it! This speech hears so much better than it reads!

A plea for complexity. My favorite topic. I’d love to see W’s rejection of nuance bite him in the ass.

“The future doesn’t belong to fear. It belongs to freedom.” Perfect.

“The flag belongs to all the American people.” Continues the Convention theme of the unity of all Americans, odd in the bitterest, most divided election in my life. And it’s the right theme.

Family values theme isn’t working for me. Not that that matters. Falling into predictable patterns of American political rhetoric. What next? “Good jobs at good wages”?

The fact that signs had been distributed saying “Help is on the way” sort of breaks the illusion, doesn’t it?

Still, Kerry sounds damn good to me. Sounds not only presidential, but like a guy who should be president. I haven’t even noticed his hair in the past ten minutes.

We’ll get to pick our own doctor? Ooh ooh! Can I have Dr. Doolittle?

Great Lincoln quote. Just contributed $150.

Go Kerry. This afternoon I thought we were going to lose. Now I think we can win.

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