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Kerry prospect

Beyond convincing us that he’s a sincere, good, strong, caring, brave person whom we actually like — which is purely a technical problem that his Media Engineers undoubtedly have prototyped successfully — I want Kerry tonight to put some substance into the phrases we’ve had drummed into us for three days. For example, I want him to list ten things that his administration will do to make us safer. And after each one, I want him to leave four seconds of silence so we can think to ourselves, “Holy cow! You mean we’re not doing that already? What’s wrong with these bozos? $200 billion sunk into Iraq and we still haven’t ____?”

Howard Dean said in one of his speeches the other day that Kerry has assured him that the first bill to come out of the Kerry White House will be health insurance. Great. But why did we have to hear that from Dean? More like that! Strong shmong, heart shmart … tell us what’s on your to-do list, John!

That’s what I want, anyway. But I’m not undecided, so I don’t count. (See previous post for more whining about this.)

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