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Rageboy rants, Ethan contemplates

Two learned, serious friends sorting through the world:

The oft-unraveling RageBoy is raveling like mad. In Spiritual but not Jewish he’s on about the connection of New Age thinking and the history of racism. I love the title of his post, making concrete exactly what one who says “spiritual but not religious” is rejecting (where one substitutes the speaker’s religion for “Jewish,” as appropriate). Since I think “spiritual but not religious” exhibits the Fear of Being Historical that is the basis of so much of the West’s self-loathing, it works for me. (There’s nothing as pathetic as a culture that loathes itself for the wrong reasons. On the other hand, has a culture ever loathed itself for the right reasons?)

Meanwhile, Ethan recently had a fascinating and detailed post about the languages of the Web now and upcoming. Also not to be missed: Ethan on what the US can learn about Net neutrality from Africa.

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