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Women in the news

According to Media Post, according to the Media Audit, “affluent working women with family incomes of $75,000 or more are growing in number and 94.3 percent access the Internet during an average month.” The news release quotes the president of International Demographics:

“The percentage of working women that spent at least 430 minutes a week on the Internet (heavy users) jumped from 48.6 percent in 2004 to 50.8 percent in 2005,” says Jordan. “Heavy use of radio, television, newspapers and direct mail all declined within this group.”

I’m guessing that that jump is within the margin of error. Nevertheless, why the focus on affluent women? Again, I’m just guessing, but: “From 2004 to 2005 the percent of affluent working women making five or more purchases on the Internet increased from 54.1 percent to 56.6 percent. The percent making 12 or more purchases in the same years increased from 30.0 percent to 32.2.”

Frank Paynter pulls together in a prophet’s voice women and men writing about the Amish shootings as not just a crime against a pacific community but as a crime against women. He cites Jessica at Feministing, Echidne and Bob Herbert behind the pay wall (but outed here). A commenter points to Suzanne Reisman at Blogher and her update.

Karen Schneider, who may or may not be an affluent woman but who observes that “The question about one HDMI connector or two on the big-screen TV can seem pretty small when you’re serving up a hot meal to someone whose life is stuffed into a 12×12 locker,” points out in the comments section of a John Battelle post that, if we are to believe the list of invitees, Web 2.0 is a guy thing. [Tags: ]

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