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PrivacyGuard: Scam or Fraud?

I received a notice today from PrivacyGuard (a “service” of Trilegiant), telling me that if I don’t write or call, they will continue to charge me $10.99/month. I did not sign up for PrivacyGuard knowingly; there must have been some box I didn’t uncheck on some form I filled in somewhere.

Fine. Well, not so fine. In any case, I called their 800 number. After the robot gathered my information, I was transferred to a message that said that because of the unexpectedly high volume, due to the “popularity” of the program, they are unable to handle my call at this time. Then they robo-hung up on me.

So, I’m writing to the snail address to unenlist. There is no way to unenroll over the Web. I somehow suspect that my letter will get “lost” in the mail.

These seem to be first-class thugs. If you can avoid them, do. [Tags: ]

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