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It’s not cheating if the game’s not fun

I’m sure I’ll get past the level I’m on in Ghost Recon 3: Advanced Warfighter (PC). If I put in enough time, I will not only rescue the VIP, but I’ll hold off those bad, bad terrorists or whatever they are until the chopper comes to pick up me and my brave boys. But, you know what? I’m tired of replaying this same segment of the level. Run across the square. Position my squad. Shoot the two baddies who approach from the side. Then pick off the ones on the right. Wait for the armored vehicle. Wait for the tank and the radio instruction that I can call in an air strike. Carry the VIP to the chopper. Wait for the next wave. Shoot the guys behind the monument. Wait to be suddenly felled by a bullet or shell from somewhere. Reload from the previous save point. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Let me try explaining this to the game designers. You see, fellas (and I’m guessing you’re mainly guys), I know you think this particular segment is fun. You probably used phrases like “It kicks ass” and “This is so fricking cool!” But some of us are 56 years old and happen not to enjoy getting 90% through the segment only to have to start again. Oh, sure, if I play it another ten times, I’ll figure out where the fatal shot is coming from. But now I dread playing your game because I know I’ll have to go through the same fricking cool segment again. Your game has become a chore.

But you’re convinced I’m having a good time, because not only are we all as good at the game as you are, we all enjoy it for exactly the same reasons.

Stop being dicks. Let us save the game wherever we want, and let us know the codes so we can get past the parts of your game we’re not enjoying.
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