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Morning in America

For no reason except perverse nostalgia, here’s one of the most effective political commercials ever:

I am David W. and I do not approve that message or the corrupt, pro-Rich Guy administration that produced it. Nevertheless, it’s some darn good politics-as-advertising.

And, here’s a clip from last night’s debate showing some of what I like about Edwards:

Much as I admire Obama and recognize that he brings something fresh and important to the campaign — and I will happily work hard for him if he’s the nominee — this is one of those rare times when there is hope (yes, hope) that we could make some real and fundamental progress against the institutionalized forces that have constrained our vision and our possibilities for so long. But only if we’re willing to take them on. That’s the only way we’re ever going to see the sort of changes we need in the face of Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Telcom and all the rest of the gang.

That would be a real morning in America.

* * *

And, what the heck, I saw some clips on CNN of Bush talking about the economy a couple of days ago and he sounded like he couldn’t even muster 32% enthusiasm for what he was saying. This is not the clip I saw, but it’s similar in affect:

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