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CNN fires blogger

Terry Heaton writes about CNN’s firing his friend, Chez Pazienza, a producer at American Morning, for what he was writing in his blog:

According to Chez, he was terminated for violating network policy by not running what he was writing through their vetting system. So he was fired not for blogging but for the content of his blog. “It’s not that I’ve been writing,” he wrote in an email. “It’s WHAT I’ve been writing.” That may be the official decision, but the truth is he was fired because he had the balls to write about the industry without telling CNN. I would add that there is no mention of his connection to the network on his site, and as a producer, it’s hard to justify the notion that he’s in any way a public figure or publicly connected with the company.

CNN may feel a little safer, but do you think the journalists there think this is a good policy? [Tags: ]

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