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Time to move to the meta-meta-race?

Now that the press is falling for covering only the meta-story and the not issues, I’m thinking it’s time for Obama to go meta-meta. Screw the issues and don’t try to one-up their lying attacks. Instead, keep pointing America at the sleaziness of McCain’s campaign as a way of impugning McCain’s claim of integrity.

How about putting Obama in front of a camera to say something like this:

My fellow citizens. There has never been a time when Americans needed to be more focused on the challenges facing us. That’s what I’ve been talking about in my ads, on my Web site, and with you, all across this land.

John McCain, on the other hand, has taken the advice of George Bush’s handlers. Instead of engaging in a dialogue about how we’re going to fix the economy that eight years of Republican rule has broken, how we’re going to re-focus on the real threats to our security instead of squandering more money and lives in the war that Senator McCain argued so hard in favor of, how we’re going to provide health insurance to every American, how we’re going to protect our environment, and preserve the rights of women and all those who have struggled against injustice, Senator McCain is making up lies about me to distract attention us from his promise of four more of the same.

It’s a shameful, sad fall from the John McCain who was a maverick and a hero. We deserve better. And on November 4, we can and we will have real change.

Ok, so this is why I don’t write political ads.

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