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Why, I remember Obama when he was a young lad of 43

I was thumbing through some photos a couple of days ago and came across IMG0127.jpg, which turned out to be a photo I took at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. I was there as one of the 30 or so bloggers who had been given credentials. The DNC did it up right for us, including a breakfast meeting, in front of which they trotted dignitaries, including Howard Dean and the skinny, promising Senator-to-be. All I remember was that he was shy, charming, and seemed as unsure as we were of what to make of a room full of bloggers with press credentials, all being recorded by mainstream journalists who had been confined behind a railing at the back of the room.

Obama addressing bloggers at 2004 DNC
(Click for larger version)

Meanwhile, my friend Tim Hiltabiddle has posted at Facebook a gallery of beautiful photos he took of Obama in New Hampshire last week. Gorgeous.

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