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No press pass? No First Amendment for you, my friend.

From Terry Heaton:

The freedom of the press clause in our beloved First Amendment is about to undergo perhaps its most serious challenges, because “the press” isn’t as neatly defined as it once was. A fascinating case in Phoenix is headed for court, and it ought to give any practicing journalist pause.

According to The Arizona Republic, blogger Jeff Pataky’s home was raided by ten Phoenix police officers armed with a warrant last month. He was out of town, and his girlfriend was handcuffed for three hours while police conducted the raid. They seized computers, files and anything associated with Pataky’s website — are you ready for this? — Bad Phoenix Cops.

Pataky apparently has an axe to grind with Phoenix police but says his site contains tips and inside information that comes from “good” cops in Phoenix. Now that the department has all of Pataky’s equipment and files, it’s pretty easy to see where this is going.

…And here’s the thing: anybody with an ounce of ink in their blood knows that Pataky deserves First Amendment protection, but they’re unlikely to say it publicly, because “the (professional) press” thinks of itself as a special class of people and have railed for years against the likes of Pataky….

More at Terry’s site…

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