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[reboot] Intro

I’m at Reboot 11 in Copenhagen. The theme this year is “action.” It’s a euro-geek festival, and one of my favorite conferences. Lots of techies, designers, inventors, artists…. [Warning: Live blogging this…]

Among the projects: We’re building an autonomous wifi bike at the conference: Solar powered, drive it around and it provides wifi. And they’re going to build a book here based on contributions from the audience. (The room is packed and the conference is sold out.) Also: “Designers for Action”: 20 interaction desighers to help prototype stuff. Also: The show’s child care is going to try out experimental action programs (?). Also: There’s a “hack center” that, among other things, has a self-replicating machine. But the real aim is to send people out into the world to make the world better, especially now that it’s clear that the world needs a reboot.

In fact, the session stops so that all 600 people can post an action item on the wall…

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