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Two interviews

I was live on the Jeff Farias show on Monday. You can hear it here. (I start at around the 88th minute.)

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We talked for half an hour, at first about Cluetrain and then about some of the stuff in Everything Is Miscellaneous. I haven’t listened to it, but I enjoyed it.

Also, this week a Swiss newspaper, Sonntags Zeitung, ran an interview with me about cloud computing. That one is a bit more problematic. It’s a brief Q&A, boiled down from 20-30 minutes of talk, although it does not mention that. Inevitably, there are some places where I disagree a bit with the impression my abridged answers leave. That’s what happens. But it also has me saying some things that I’m quite sure I didn’t say. One in particular I feel a need to correct. The interview has me stating that it takes 4-5 times more computing power to deal with encrypted traffic (such as email) than with unencrypted. Not only don’t I know how much more computing power it takes, I know that I don’t know. So, I want to here put on “the record” that that estimate is unsubstantiated, and that I’m quite sure that that’s not what I said.

The journalist did offer to let me see the interview before he ran it, but I declined, primarily because, through a mutual misunderstanding, I thought I was only contributing an idea or two to an article — not a dedicated Q&A — about cloud computing.

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