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Shuttle XS35 bios 1.09

I may come back to expand on this post, but for now: If you are looking for the 1.09 bios of the Shuttle XS35 so that you can get the !@#$-ing wifi to work, I’ve placed a putative copy here. There’s an explanation of how to install it here. Please note that I am still in the process of trying to get the bios installed, so I cannot vouch for the integrity of the bios or of the instructions. Proceed at your own risk.

(If it’s not clear from context: The Shuttle mini-computer claims to come with wifi, but it needs a bios update to v1.09 get it to work, and the only version on the Shuttle site is 1.08. There are a few copies of 1.09 strewn about the Web, but mainly at shady “free updates” and “free bios” sites that send you on a self-circling clickfest that may or many not have any exit. So I found a copy – which may or may not work – and have posted it.)

Later that night: It worked. The wifi is on. But it really shouldn’t be that hard, and Shuttle ought to ship it with a working bios, or at least give us the updated one and the instructions we need.

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