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[2b2k] Redditopedia

Reddit user (or, as they say, redditor) thefuc has posted 100+ links to Reddit discussions of questions about Roman history. Samples include:

How “sudden” was the fall of Rome?

How long did the worship of Roman gods continue after the fall of the Roman empire?

What set Byzantium apart technologically or culturally, and why did poets like W.B. Yeats go on to romanticize it?

How did different “barbaric” groups perceive the Romans?

What are the current views on whether there was a post-Roman mass-migration of Anglo-Saxons to Britain during the dark ages or whether it was mainly a cultural and technological change with the ruling classes most affected by warrior migration?

Did the Romans simply leave Briton with the collapse of their empire

What happened to urban planning after the fall of Rome?

Why do all helmets seem to loose their cheek pieces during the 5-10th centuries?

I haven’t read these,; but it’s a really interesting model, especially if the threads are good. (If they’re not, they’re an interesting model of something else.) It indicates one way knowledge works at scale: Thousands of questions and discussions, and a culling that addresses both some of the basics but also many of the quirks. Pretty damn fascinating.

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