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Http or WWW? Top Ten Reasons

A geeky mailing list I’m the least geeky person on has been discussing whether is preferable to I have no pony in this race, and am in fact against pony racing if only because it requires impossibly small jockeys, but here are my:

Top Ten Reasons to prefer www to https://

  1. Easier to parse than a ragbag of ill-fitting punctuation that exists nowhere else in the language.
  2. No existential Angst about whether it’s http or https.
  3. No one [1] knows what “http” stands for.
  4. Pleasing mountainous silhouette 
  5. Cannot be confused with an Internet abbreviation for “hat tip”
  6. Wouldn’t you rather locate your site in a place than a protocol?
  7. Old-timey feel and the aroma of rising bread
  8. Al Gore is a www sort of guy
  9. Encourages the use of the charming vocal abbreviation “dub dub dub”
  10. Gently reminds people that the goddamn World Wide Web still exists

[1] You’re special and do not count

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