Governor Dean's Sleepless Summer - Day 1 (Aug. 23, '03)

David Weinberger

Click on photos to see 'em full size

A good omen at a side entrance to the Cherry Hill Farm facility in Falls Church, VA

Some of the 4,000+ people at the Falls Church rally

More of 'em...

Listsening to the Governor...he's up there somewhere!

Waiting for a glimpse

Shaking hands as he makes his way to his car

No child left behind...

One of the four press buses

Mario, fresh from photographing Iraq for the Getty photo service, editing a photo on the bus

The press portion of the campaign plane

Joe Trippi, the campaign manager, makin' news

Getting wanded by airport securit

With staffers

On the plane

Rally-in-a-hangar in Milwaukee

The crowd about to go wild

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