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JOHO covers knowledge management too damn much. Here are some of the articles that have appeared in various issues of JOHO. And then there are some other articles floating around on the web, especially at KMWorld and Intranet Design Magazine. (There's an almost complete list of what I've written here.)

The following list is in reverse chronological order.

Stories and Fractal Interests: Human interest is fractal. That's why we love OJ and Monica.

Quoth the Raven's Master: Nevermore?: What's up with Lotus?

The New Common Sense: Common sense is a rich gift that we lack on the Web.

The Peer-to-Peer Future of Document Management : DocMan is dead! Long live DocMan!

Webs and Brains and Comparisons: Is the Web a global brain? Beware of metaphors.

How to Write a Real Good Powerpoint: Tips that will guide you down the ladder of success.

When Q&A Goes Global: We go for generations without inventing new ways of talking. Now, it happens just about every day.

Tribal Knowledge and Objective Madness: Universal knowledge? Only if it's really really boring.

Random Knowledge: Is knowledge luck or a scam? You be the judge.

True Tales to Curdle the Blood: Ross Wirth's Scary Tales of Forecasting, and more

The Power of the Unstated: John Updike's poem "Hoeing" delivers the tacit knowledge goods

Mapping the Web: So many ways to visualize a space that isn't even spatial!

The Question Question: Smart people aren't stuffed with their content. They've mastered the social art of questions.

The New Gravity: It's merged with its opposite:levity.

The Real Document Architecture: The Web isn't a medium. It's a place ... filled with weird document-buildings.

Goodness Management: After Knowledge Management, what's left?

The Margin of Prevarication: A new tool for measuring a fundamental business practice: how much you have to lie to get what you want.

Geek Speek: Geeks are In, but do they know the difference between speaking frankly and just plain insulting someone?

Strangers on the Web: We're learning new ways to treat strangers. More assumptions fall.

The joy of email: The hours we spend on email everyday are building the new, connected world.

Lotus Knows Knowledge: Quoth the Raven: Nevermore.

Profanity as as corporate asset: A modest proposal for saving this precious resource

Predictions, lists and violence: Predictions can be an attempt to control the future, especially when it comes to the Web.

Knowledge-based fingertips: We need new standards for keyboards so our fingers can continue to stay ahead of our brains.

The Undernet: The intranet that's under the radar is where the real work is getting done.

Branding Knowledge: Beware of mistaking branding and intentional stupidity — inside and outside your organization.

The Danger of Portals: Much of the power of the Web comes from its use of familiar document metaphors. Portals threaten that.

The right information: There's no such thing as the right information when it comes to making decisions...and looking for it is a sign of deep fear.

Hermetic Microsoft: The Digital Dashboard reveals the bubble in which dwell the Microsoftians.

IQport.com and the price of info: This new site wants to create an information economy, and the hippie in me rebels.

The Knowledge Conversation: Knowledge isn't an asset. It's a conversation.

How to be smart: First, figure out what matters.

Fear of Browsing: Your business likes portals because it thinks they'll keep you from browsing � but browsing is a basic form of human attention.

Digital dashboard . Perfect example of nothing: The Digital Dashboard is highly touted, but it's not a product, it's not a demo...so what is it?

KM Summit: The third annual summit shows the industry is actually advancing.

Microsoft KM: Microsoft makes more Knowledge Management noises. Snorts, snores or derisive laughter?

Metaphors and distraction: When it comes to valuing metaphors and valuing things just as they are, we're stuck in another Hegelian cleft stick � an optional article if ever there was one

The importance of being wrong: You can't go wrong being wrong.

Let me count the KM ways: What do 8 cases of KM have in common?

Are portholes bigger than the sum of portparts?: Portal madness

Reference Works: David Isenberg on "KnowWhy"

The KM Impulse: Why do we care?: Beneath the buzzwords is an impulse to understand

Knowledge vs. ideas: More differentiation concepts. Thrilling!

Filling out forms for XML: XML, the Great Document Liberator, will actually have us filling out more forms than ever.

Zisman on Knowledge: Lotus' Strategic VP's inner thoughts

Knowledge Narratives: Stories are to information as information is to data.

Is Knowledge Stupid?: Knowledge management is in danger of turning knowledge back into information. Knowledge isn't just useful information; it's much more important than that.

Document Communism: The means of publication are in the hands of the worker ... and the corprate document wall is coming down

Damn Humans!: Fallibility is going to be very big this year. The Web is built for it. So are we.

Degrees of Knowledge: It used to be that something was knowledge or it wasn't. Not any more.

What is Information?: An email colloquy among JOHO, Chris "RageBoy" Locke and RageBoy's sister(!). The term "information" is surprisingly meaningless. Conclusion: We need an information science that understands that today's information isn't the crop but the weeds.

The View from the Knowledge Management Summit KMWorld's Summit raised lots of issues. Reports on:
  Should KM be invisible?
  Search-and-replace marketing
  The KM map
  Who leads?
  The Web effect on KM
  Two types of KM
  What is the opposite of information?
  The degradation of tacit knowledge
  Knowledge isn't in our heads
  Extra bonus! The speech that was too hot for the KM Summit:
  The New Science of F*cking Management

Death of Docs, Part Whatever: Are documents really dead? Have web sites killed them? Will Ashley discover that Philip is the father of her sister?

Are Metaphors like Baloney or Las Vegas?: Side-by-side commentary by Chris "RageBoy" Locke of EGR and JOHO on the importance of metaphors.

The Knowledge Management Metaphor: "Managing knowledge" is as wrong as thinking of the Web as "the worldwide scrapbook". Let's try a different metaphor...

Are Documents Dead?: A thoughtful reply by Eric Severson to last issue's overstated claim

Emotional computing: Q&A with Dr. Roz Picard of MIT, author of Affective Computing

The Death of Docs: The Web is eating away the very heart of docs. With a reply by Frank Gilbane.

Thinking with Your Hands: How "bricolage" can help

Context Management: The phrase that should have caught on instead of Knowledge Management

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