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Microsoft’s Artificial Stupidity

The following chat was captured by Matthew Flemming. (Thanks for permission to share this, Matthew.)

Topic: I'm trying to use the "block sender" feature when going through useless bulk mail, but more and more I get the "can not block sender" message. What can I do?

Moby Matthew, thank you for using MSN Interactive Online Support. My name is Moby, I will be your Online Technical Support Engineer.
Moby I am glad to assist you with your email issue.
Matthew Flemming Hey Moby. I was just chatting with an engineer named Jo, but accidently hit END CHAT. My apologies to Jo.
Matthew Flemming Any clues?
Moby Just confirming that you wish to block senders in MSN Explorer. Correct me if I am wrong?
Matthew Flemming That's it.
Moby Thank you for the confirmation.
Moby I am sending you the steps to block sender in MSN Explorer.
Moby The steps are as follows:-
Moby If you do not want to receive e-mail from a specific sender, you can block this person with the Block Sender feature.
Moby To block e-mail from a specific sender: On the navigation bar, click E-mail.
Moby Select the check box next to the sender you want to block. Click More, and then click Block Sender(s). Click OK.
Moby I would like to inform you that you can block up to 250 contacts in your Block Senders list.
Moby Do you have any questions regarding the information I have sent you?
Matthew Flemming I know these steps and use them all the time. What I'm saying is that more and more often, after doing this, I get a return message saying "can not block sender...". Do you see what I'm saying?
Moby I am sorry, Matthew.
Matthew Flemming Wait, I could easily be up to 250 blocked senders. What should I do then?
Moby Are you not able to block a single sender?
Matthew Flemming Well, each day, my bulk mail is filled with about 6-10 spam e-mails. Sometimes, I try select them all and use block sender (which used to work, but now always fails). Sometimes, I try it one at a time. That was working every now and again, but for the last couple of days doesn'
Matthew Flemming doesn't work at all.
Moby Thank you for the information.
Moby There are several ways you can protect yourself from spam. For example, you can: Remove yourself from any member directory you're posted on. Use Block Sender to avoid receiving messages from specific senders. Use the Inbox Protector to redirect spam to your Bulk Mail folder. Set up a second e-mail account to use as an address for newsgroups and LISTSERV publications or for posting on bulletin boards.
Matthew Flemming OK. Let's start with the member directory -- other than having made some purchases online with some reputable retailers, I haven't joined any groups
Matthew Flemming Is there some way I can see where I might be on someone's list?
Matthew Flemming Other than that, I'm already redirecting to bulk mail and, as you know, trying to use BLOCK SENDER.
Moby Please go to hotmail website and let me know if you can block sender from hotmail?
Matthew Flemming OK. Since I never go there and have MSN set up with an auto password, I don't have the first clue what my hotmail password is. Can you help there, too?
Matthew Flemming This is a fun one, huh?
Moby I would now request you to please visit the Hotmail website by clicking on Internet Explorer(big blue "e" icon), which will open a new window and then type in "" (without the " ") in the address bar. Once on the Hotmail webpage, please type in your MSN username and select from the drop down menu and then enter your password and click on Sign In.
Matthew Flemming Nevermind. I got my password.
Moby Please let me know if you can block senders in hotmail website?
Matthew Flemming Working on it. I have one thing in the JUNK MAIL folder, but don't see the BLOCK option.
Matthew Flemming Two problems here. I didn't get the BLOCK option from the JUNK MAIL box, so I had to move it to the inbox in order to block it (which didn't make sense)
Matthew Flemming Then, I got the real answer. I'm at the limit of 250 blocked senders. Now what?
Moby Matthew, how many senders did you block up till now?
Matthew Flemming Who knows? Like I said, I've been blocking 6-10 per day for quite some time, so I'd certainly believe I've reached the 250 limit. But, I'm still getting tons of spam, so what can I do?
Moby Matthew, it seems that you have crossed the limit of blocking the senders.
Matthew Flemming Well, yes. That's now clear. But knowing that really solves nothing for me. Why is MSN limiting the number of senders I can block? Clearly, I want to block more. What can be done?
Moby I understand your concern.
Moby I will be sending you a feedback form so that the feature to block more senders is present in the near future.
Moby Have you received the page?
Moby Please send your response.
Matthew Flemming I got it and just submitted it. While you've been kind and polite, I am very dissatisfied because I still have this problem. Is this all you can do?.
Moby Yes, as this is the feature of MSN Explorer.
Matthew Flemming That's a real shame. Thanks for your time. Good night.
Moby Matthew, please allow me a moment.
Matthew Flemming OK...
Moby I am now sending you the page to avoid junk email in your email account.
Moby Have you received the page?
Moby Please send your response.
Matthew Flemming Got it
Moby Do you have any questions regarding the information I have sent you?
Matthew Flemming No. These are helpful tips for moving forward, but I guess you can't solve my current problem. Thanks. Gotta go.
Moby Thank you for using MSN Internet Access support today, I hope you found our session helpful. Here at MSN your comments are greatly appreciated. When our chat is finished, please take a moment to fill out the survey that appears in a separate window. Thank you for your ideas and suggestions.
Moby Matthew, I hope that you have found our session today helpful. We are available 24 hours a day and are always glad to help.Thank you for using MSN Interactive Online Technical Support. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. If you need further assistance, please come back and visit us again.