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Scourge Award

The Scourge of JOHO

Chris Locke by J. Michalski

Chris "RageBoy" Locke is the official Scourge of JOHO. Although he writes his own 'zine (Entropy Gradient Reversals -- yeah, that's the real name), he apparently feels the need to establish hegemony over JOHO. On the bright side, RageBoy makes JOHO look temperate and well-reasoned.

In addition to contributing to JOHO's email section, JOHO and EGR have both published special issues at various times featuring the work, personae and sometimes hallucinatory rantings of one another. Here are the Scourge Links (in backwards chronological order).

Now this was uncalled for. RageBoy pokes through the metaphorical equivalent of the underwear drawers of my web site and finds affairs are not up to his high standards.

Hijacked Predictions

All I thought I'd do is poke a little gentle fun at InfoWorld's 20th Anniversary Celebrity Predictions -- they asked famous computer folks to write about the future -- but, foolishly I invited RageBoy to contribute. By return email I got back a de-constructed, practically de-composed version replete with RB's scathing, scatalogical commentary in a successful attempt to make me look stupid. (October 30, 1998)

What is information? Simple question, eh? Join the frolicsome correspondence among JOHO, RageBoy ... and introducing The Sister of RageBoy! Traipse through the history of Western thought as we labor to bring forth a mouse: Information doesn't really mean anything. (October 9, 1998)

RageBoy Gets It!

After some correspondence about why "getting it" is an evil concept, RageBoy somehow manages to make it seem like A Good Thing, probably just so he can maintain his record of never, ever agreeing with me even (especially?) when I'm right.

RageBoy's Message to JOHO: Screw It!

After excoriating a particularly heady issue of JOHO, RageBoy shows us how it's done by publishing a memoir of how he discovered what tools are for. (Aug. 20 '98)

Cross Wired

Way back in the dawn of the Web, when mighty search engines roamed the earth, I interviewed Chris "Not Yet RageBoy" for Wired. That magazine declined the privilege because, apparently, Wired respects and values its readership, so EGR ran it a few months ago instead.

My Dinner with RageBoy

At last the mask behind the mask is ripped off. For the first time ever, meet the "real" RageBoy in this revealing account of my actual dinner with the actual Chris Locke. It's the story Chris pleaded with me not to tell ...

Special Alert!

Apparently, I am nothing but a figment of Chris Locke's imagination. That explains why I keep waking up in Lobster Newburg sauce! (And I thought I was going mad! hahahaha.)

You can read the details in the this issue of EGR, in which Chris' fevered brain turns totally molten. Very odd. And funny.

Special Special Metaphors Issue (June 21, '98)

JOHO readers seem to care about metaphors the way, well, paramecia care about snail droppings. In this special special issue, we present and respond to our readers' email commenting on the Special Issue.

Special Metaphors Issue!(June 2, '98)

EGR ( from Chris "RageBoy" Locke) and JOHO lock horns over the importance of metaphors. Side by side sniping! What fun!

RageBoy: The Early Tantrums

Way back at the beginning of JOHO, we ran an excellent article by Eric Severson of IBM Global Services. For some reason (probably digestive problems) RageBoy lashed out at Eric (and, more to the point, IBM) with a fury usually reserved for invading hordes and private demons. Of course, the fact that Eric and Chris are (were??) old friends probably didn't help any.


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